The modern varnish and paint material market is a customer's market. Still, the materials meeting all the requirements to the price, looks, reliability and environmental protection are not so many. As a manufacturer, DERUFA follows the mission of producing such goods and promoting them in the market.

Having worked in Russia for over 10 years, we have formed several business priorities:

  • producing a wide range of varnish and paint retail materials;
  • manufacturing construction products, including silicate materials, protective wood covering, self-levelling floors, waterproof membranes, facade materials etc.
  • creating decorative wall finishes and working out application techniques to meet global trends and our own designer solutions;
  • producing paints to be further coloured any way you like;
  • designing and enhancing our own colouring paint, enamel and varnish system DERUFA ColorSystem (DeCS), making the production cost of coloured paint two or three times lower as compared to other marketed products of the kind.

Due to the advanced technologies and production process enhancement, we managed to achieve guaranteed quality level and fix the best prices, turning DERUFA trademark into a professional brand. We carry out regular varnish and paint material market monitoring and analyze the evaluation, provided by our partners and competitors. Such feedback allows us to look ahead into prospective production development and point out the product features, securing the image of DERUFA as a reliable partner.

Product features:

  • top customer qualities of our goods, in line with the offers of long-established branch-leaders (Germany, France, England and Italy);
  • durable and environmentally-proof materials;
  • efficient use of material per square metre;
  • price-quality ratio;
  • our own colouring system
  • annual diversification of out product line by 8-10 items
  • some of our products are unique, they have no equivalents in any part of the world.

Our products embody advanced technological and designer solutions. We provide our Customer with comprehensive competent advice at the stage of product choice and ensure technical support for the products in use.

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