Why Brand Retail Store?

“If you do what common sense dictates, as when you get caught in the rain you open an umbrella, then your business will prosper”, is a formula for success from business guru Konosuke Matsushita.

Founding our first brand retail store was like “opening an umbrella”. Back in 2000 the bulk of Derufa products were exported to Europe. There were still no distribution channels for high-end paints, varnishes and coating in Russia, which would have functioned efficiently. Still the market was ready. The decision came to found our own retail store network for promotion and distribution. The idea was not only to sell, but also to offer comprehensive solutions for clients including consulting on a broad range of construction chemicals and providing technical expertise and support.

When we started production of decorative wall coating, there were already 10 retail stores successfully operating in Russia. 36 new stores were opened between 2006 and 2010, demonstrating outstanding profit results. We consider it the best proof, that a brand retail store is most efficient for marketing and distribution of our products.

We Offer A Time-tested Business Model.

In 2006 we started a new product line – decorative coating (Derufa-Decoder series). First sales showed that it is not effective to promote decorative plasters in “Trade” format. As a manufacturer, we sell materials in cans, while a customer requires a certain surface to be designed on the wall. Furthermore, decorative wall coating is a relatively new concept for the market and only a comparatively small share of consumers has an idea about its variety and creative properties. Therefore, we consider that a Derufa retail store is not about selling cans with paints, but realizing construction projects of any creative and technological complexity.

We have organized the service according to the principle “first try, then buy”, so a customer would not be puzzled, which decorative coating to choose. According to clients’ specifications we apply as much samples as needed. He or she could take these samples with and see which one fits best, before making an order.

At Derufa retail stores a client cannot only choose between ready-made designs, but also has an option to see how decorative surfaces are being made. The feedbacks show that such option gives clients an opportunity to be actively engaged in the creative process. In consequence of such a bilateral interaction is that customers’ projects become more diversified and individual.

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