Point Of Sale Requirements

The total area of all premises is 100-300 sq. m

It is preferable to have two entrances to the premises: central and bypass.

  • Floor space 50-150 sq.m
  • Wareroom 15-45 sq.m
  • Workroom for coloring and designing decorative samples 15-45 sq. m
  • Room for trainings and workshops 20-60 sq.m

Floor space may be used as training class and workroom for making samples.

Select Location

Important. A place for a store is not to be chosen in city outskirts. It should have a good access and parking.
Optional. Premises in the city center or commercial districts are more preferable.

Floor Space Design
  • Decorative panels with samples are the main element of design. These are multi-level structures with built-in lighting produced at the Derufa factory. Approximately, ten decorative panels placed along the walls.
  • Clients’ area with a coffee table, upholstered furniture and other items to create a comfortable atmosphere as it takes much time for customer to discuss designs and samples.
  • Total power consumption for internal and external lighting is approximately 2 kW.
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