Derufa retail stores are designed for selling decorative wall coating, tinting, consulting and making samples according to patterns provided by customer. Derufa retail store is the opportunity to favorably distinguish you from competitors by offering unique decoration services, as well as complete design solutions.

Consumers Of The Products/Services:

  • Architects and interior designers
  • Companies dealing with indoor and outdoor decoration.
  • Large companies rendering painting services.
  • End-buyer


  • Wholesale and retail.
  • Base paint coloring in any color from all catalogues and according to patterns provided by customer.
  • Consulting on application of paint, varnish and decorative materials.
  • Maintenance of construction projects.
  • Participation in regional tenders for restoration and decoration.
  • Direct cooperation with local construction companies on city programs, reconstruction of facades and architectural monuments, renovation and decoration of offices, gated communities etc.
  • Creation of a local sub-dealers’ network
  • Selling of elite decorative materials with arrangement of workshops for designers and decorators
  • Certification and training for local decorators.

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