DERUFA Commitments And Support On Franchise Agreement

Franchise agreement includes the following service package:
  • The entitlement to use a well-known and constantly advertised brand with a favorable image and reputation.
  • A unique individual design project of a retail store.
  • Equipment and promotional materials for a point-of-sale.
  • Price protection.
  • The exclusive right to be the exclusive Derufa region-wide distributor, if a required volume is achieved.
  • Providing a franchisee with a complete package of materials concerning how to make the business process management more efficient.
  • Training and certification of personnel according to Derufa Standards for the following qualifications: technologist, tinting specialist, and customer service manager.
  • Ongoing methodological, legal and consulting support.
  • Providing with promotional materials, new catalogues and leaflets after every release of a new product.
  • Guidance and assistance in promotional events.
  • Information about a retail store on the corporate web site.
For additional information, consulting and training please see The Marketing and Sales section.
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