Derufa Color System

Derufa ColorSystem (DeCS) is a colouring paint, enamel and varnish system.

In 2004 our company designed a color system, which made paint colouring 2-3 times cheaper compared to similar products available in the market.

With software and professional spectrophotometers, we created a data bank for the majority of water-dispersion paints with high-quality concentrated pigment pastes, which are compatible with both water-soluble and solvent-borne paints. The pigment concentrates we produce together with improved formulas can significantly reduce the cost of coloring and provide guaranteed repeatability of color. A spectrophotometer "reads" the color of any surface and we use the received data to obtain the right color.

We offer a complete set of components for professional coloring to be installed at the point of sale:

  • Basic paints
  • Pigment concentrate
  • Coloring machine (dispenser or dosing device)
  • Shaker
  • Software to calculate color formulas
  • Spectrophotometer

All products have hygienic and safety certificates. Derufa exterior materials have been certified by the Russian Federation Gosstroy (national construction) system GOST R and recommended for use everywhere in the Russian Federation.

DeCS Software Features

Harmonized Color Range. A color sample provided by a customer could be actualized into a virtual image of an interior, so to gives a general idea of an appropriate color range. The program also offers several color shades that will perfectly fit to the dominant color. It helps match wall colors with colors of a ceiling, floors, and window frames. It is enough to scan a piece of a curtain tissue, if interior walls are designed to match curtains or upholstery.

Coloring of digital photos of an interior with selected colors.

Formula Adjustment. This feature is vital when you wish to perform minor repairs on the house front, which was painted a year ago. Since it has changed its color a little within a year, the last year color formula is improper. A small fragment of a building front coating should be scanned with spectrophotometer to calculate a new formula for making an adjusted color.

Printing of self-adhesive labels.

Back-up of formulas on a PC hard disk.

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