DEutsche-RUssische FArben werke – joint German and Russian varnish and paint production facilities.

DERUFA is an innovative company producing professional varnish and paint materials. Our company was set up in Germany in 1998. Nowadays out partner network covers about 180 sales partners in 50 towns and cities of Russia, the Ukraine and the EU member states. The product list we offer our customers includes 200 items. The DERUFA head office is in Hamburg (Germany). DERUFA retail stores are open in 36 towns and cities of Russia and neighbouring states.

Our own production facilities and experimental laboratory allow us to meet the constantly changing varnish and paint material market trends promptly and design products in line with the latest interior decorating trends.

DERUFA major competitive advantages

  • Innovative products and their prompt introduction.
  • Permanent assortment diversification
  • The only Russian manufacturer exporting its products to the EU countries, with a retail store in Germany (Hamburg), a newly-opened retail store in Spain (Barcelona). Prospective product export arrangements to the USA.
  • The well known brand and positive corporate image in our market segment.
  • The widest DERUFA retail store network all over Russia and the EU.
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